• Program Security Demo

    Creating Usernames / Passwords to provide/deny access to protected functions

  • Program Security Setup

    Description of program security and creating users with passwords for protected functions

  • Scheduler Options

    Setup of business hours, holidays and hours displayed for using the Scheduler.

  • Scheduler: Add/Edit Resources

    How to define resources for use in the calendar with the Scheduler

  • Scheduler: Add/Edit Statuses

    How to add custom status entries to be used in the appointment editor

  • Database Backup

    Overview of database backups made locally on removeable media (flash drives)

  • Special Maintenance

    Overview of accessing the Special Maintenance menu from the home “splash” screen.

  • Reports/Printers

    Overview of settings for document types, printer devices, print preview and control of header / footer & shop logo option.

  • Technician Setup

    Overview of Technician Setup area which stores background information, wages and commissions settings.

  • Vendor Setup (Basic)

    Overview of Vendor basics including setup, search, sorting, sales history. Reference to an advanced video clip that covers Setup Link for parts ordering.