What You Need to Know about Internet Browsers and ProDemand

Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Safari

Browsers for ProDemandOur technical support group receives a lot of questions regarding internet browsers. For example, what is the best browser to use for ProDemand? What versions are supported? And so on. This blog post answers the most frequently answered questions, hopefully providing you everything you need to know about the browsers and ProDemand.

What are the preferred internet browsers for ProDemand?
ProDemand is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Which internet browser do you recommend I use?
Google Chrome. But whatever browser you choose, we always recommend you use the latest version available.

How do I know which version of internet browser I’m using?
Each internet browser has its own information page for the answer:

How do I download the latest version of my internet browser?

Does ProDemand work on Safari? Can I access ProDemand on my iMac?
The Safari browser is not officially supported, but we do know that many users successfully access ProDemand using this browser. We recommend downloading Chrome to your iMac and accessing ProDemand via that browser.

Does ProDemand work on mobile devices?
Yes, ProDemand is optimized for 7″ or larger Apple and Android tablets.

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