Vehicle Service Pros – Tool Review: Mitchell 1 ProDemand Enhanced Wiring Diagrams

Mitchell 1’s new Enhanced Wiring Diagrams were recently reviewed by Scott Brown of and Owner of Connie & Dick’s Service Center of Claremont, CA. Below Scott provides his first hand review and insight on the enhanced wiring diagrams and how they can be a benefit to your repair needs.

Make sure to also watch the video at the end as Scott gives you a quick run down on how to use Mitchell 1’s new enhanced wiring diagrams.

Review Below:

Mitchell 1 has enhanced the wiring diagrams in its ProDemand repair information software with intelligent, component-level navigation that makes it faster and easier than ever to find the exact wiring diagram needed for an efficient and accurate diagnosis. The wiring diagrams work together with the experience-based knowledge from SureTrack to form a comprehensive diagnostic solution for automotive technicians, the company says.

This reviewer enjoyed the enhancements made to the diagrams, particularly the automatically highlighted circuits.

Navigating a wiring diagram can be just as difficult as diagnosing a wiring issue itself. However, Scott Brown says that is a dilemma of old thanks to Mitchell 1’s ProDemand Enhanced Wiring Diagrams. Brown, of Connie & Dick’s Service Center in Claremont, California, reviewed the ProDemand Enhanced Wiring Diagrams after using the system to perform wiring maintenance on a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country 3.3L with intermittent stalling problems and multiple DTC’s stored.

Getting familiar with the Enhanced Wiring Diagrams was a simple process, says Brown. After completing an orientation, Brown was able to utilize the diagrams on his own, though he points out that there is video support that served as a useful reference guide.

“The code-to-component search takes you to the contextual data within whatever section you wish to dig into,” Brown says. In his particular case, after entering a P0335 code that was present on the vehicle in-bay, Brown was able to select the ‘Wiring Diagrams’ tab on the results page. This led to a wiring diagram specifically related to the issue at hand.

The diagram can be scaled to a full-screen view; the first thing Brown noticed was that all of the circuits related to the particular sensor were automatically highlighted; he reports this is his favorite feature of the Enhanced Wiring Diagrams. The diagrams also offer the capability for the user to manually select and highlight connected circuits, a process that Brown says is “a single click away, versus the individual clicks-per-wire that were previously required.”

Using the methodology of examining the wiring diagram and selecting related component circuits through the ProDemand, Brown was able to identify and resolve an intermittent short circuit and send the vehicle back to the customer road ready.

Brown mentioned that he would like to see the system add the ability to link related diagrams to a single, one-page view. Editor’s Note: Enhancements to incorporate smoother scan and pan controls will be included in upcoming software releases, according to Mitchell 1.

With no questions or concerns, Brown gave the Mitchell 1 ProDemand Enhanced Wiring Diagrams a solid rating.

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VIDEO: Tool Review: Mitchell1 – ProDemand Enhanced Wiring Diagrams

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