TruckSeries Adds Interactive Wiring Diagrams

Mitchell 1 Re-invents the Wiring Diagram… Again

With so much that can go wrong with today’s complex vehicles, you need wiring diagrams that put you in control of your diagnostics.  The latest enhancement to the wiring diagrams in TruckSeries redefine electrical diagnostics with patent-pending interactive features.

  • Exclusive to Mitchell 1, our interactive wiring diagrams let you navigate from the diagram directly to component information without a secondary lookup. Component names shown in the wiring diagrams are active links that take you straight to information like component location, connector views, replacement procedures and more.

Click component name link to access component information.

  • You also have the ability to launch a search from within the wiring diagram. Click the “New Search” button to navigate to the 1Search Plus card results page with your selected component as the search term.

  • We’ve also made some navigation improvements specific to wiring diagrams:
    • To drag the page of the wiring diagram, simply move it with your mouse. (no more selecting the “hand” function)
    • All diagrams are shown top-left justified to improve zoom function.

The interactive features build on the recent component-level enhancements for our wiring diagrams.  The full set of interactive features includes:

  • Component names in the diagrams are active links that connect directly to complete component information.
  • After performing a 1Search, TruckSeries takes you directly to the wiring diagram associated with your search term. Even if the diagram has multiple pages, we’ll drop you off on the specific page. When you open that diagram, all wires from that component will automatically be highlighted.
  • The ability to toggle highlighting of associated wires for any component without having to click each wire separately.
  • A simplified view of complex diagrams with highlighting that extends across all the pages until the wire reaches its termination point.
  • Zoom and orientation are maintained across multiple pages, streamlining navigation.
  • When performing a deep dive into a wiring diagram, hidden wires appear faded but do not disappear entirely, providing detail while preserving the big picture view.

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