The End of an Era: Support for Older Browsers Ends Soon

Discontinuation of Old Internet Browsers

Microsoft has discontinued support for Internet Explorer (IE) versions 8, 9 and 10. Although we’ve continued to support these older browsers, we’re discontinuing access to them as of June 24th for ProDemand and TruckSeries due to security concerns.

Beginning June 24th, users with browsers that don’t meet the minimum system requirements will be redirected to this page.

Please read the information below to help update your browser to a currently supported version.

What Are My Next Steps?

To continue using ProDemand and TruckSeries, you must update your browser!

What are the preferred Internet browsers for ProDemand and TruckSeries?

ProDemand is compatible with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox.

How do I know which Internet Browser version I’m using?

To download the latest version:

Does ProDemand work on Safari?

While the Safari browser is not officially supported, we recognize that many users successfully access ProDemand using this browser. We recommend that you use one of the approved browsers listed above.

For additional help, please reach out to our Technical Support team at 888.724.6742.