Shop Shout-out: TBH Complete Auto Care’s Road to Success

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Remember Benjamin Hart, a resilient automotive repair technician who overcame homelessness and became a shop owner? He’s back and thriving more than ever! He celebrated the grand opening of his new shop location, TBH Complete Auto Care, on Sunday, March 10th, 2024.

As a loyal user of our ProDemand repair information and Manager SE shop management software, and with the recent addition of SocialCRM shop marketing services, we have built a great relationship with Ben over the past year. Here at Mitchell 1, we’re excited to dive into his road to success and give his new shop location a shout-out. We hope to use his story as a means to help other shop owners, identify the tools for success in the automotive repair industry.

Back in June 2020, Ben established his repair business, TBH Complete Auto Care. He operated out of a single bay built from a larger business park with multiple competitors. It was great for dipping his toe in the world of auto repair. At the same time, he finished up his automotive technology program at Cuyamaca College in Southern California, where he received an associate’s degree in science. But the small space could only last so long before the growing pains began to sink in.

Ben found his business had reached the “ceiling,” so to speak. Customers had a hard time finding the small bay tucked around in the back corner, and once they did, there was hardly space to park, let alone enough space to repair multiple vehicles at once. As his shop quickly grew, he thought to himself, “What’s next? Where do I go from here?”  He already knew the answer that was burning in his soul – to step out on his own, out of his comfort zone, and open a new shop with easier customer access and multiple bays. Although, he wasn’t alone.

Grand Opening – A Community of Support

TBH Complete Auto Care

Attending the grand opening of TBH Complete Auto Care, the support system he built around himself was apparent. Plenty of friends and family showed up to support Ben’s grand endeavor; his previous Hontech Automotive foreman, Dave Butler was even there! Dave has seen Ben’s career from the ground up and continues to teach him to this day. That shows a man who knows how and understands the importance of building strength around him through the relationships he develops. And he does the same with his customers.

Ben’s sole focus and goal for his shop have been to provide transparency and honesty, reflecting his shop’s logo, TBH (To Be Honest). When it comes to communicating with customers, he’s able to leverage those core values to ensure quality repairs that last. He doesn’t simply want to make the fix faster; rather he values quality and safety overall.

“To me, it’s not just about putting money in my pocket, but truly developing relationships with my customers and ensuring their safety on the road.” – Ben

Investing in the Right Tools for the Job

It’s important to not only invest in repair tools, but also to ensure you’re investing in the right tools that will get the job done and be worth it for the long haul. Ben says that he is able to efficiently manage his workload and ensure smooth operations with the assistance of ProDemand auto repair information and Manager SE shop management software from Mitchell 1.

These software solutions enable him to quickly attend to cars, ensuring a seamless flow in and out of his bays. He believes that maintaining a comprehensive record of all transactions is crucial. This approach allows for easy retrieval of service history, work performed and communication details. But the service he is most excited about is our SocialCRM!

With the industry’s #1 shop marketing solutions under his tool belt, he’s geared for success to boost TBH Complete Auto Care’s online presence and stand out against competitors. Enhancing his online reputation is one thing, but the fact that customer interactions are made seamless with the integration of Manager SE and SocialCRM is the cherry on top! Ben is ready to leverage his Mitchell 1 software solutions and effortlessly maintain transparency and honesty with his customers through the entire repair process.

We look forward to seeing Ben continue on the successful road he’s paved for himself thus far!

TBH Complete Auto Care
7979 Aero Drive, Suite 200, San Diego, CA. 92111
(619) 366-1457

How will you ensure your shop’s road to success?

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