Mitchell 1 Field Reps: Continuing the Tradition of Building Relationships and Driving Growth

Mitchell 1 field reps

Pictured in the Mitchell 1 library, from left are regionals sales manager Fareed Ahmed, Dan Williams (senior director of sales operations), Carlos Hurtado, Chris Rohrer, Robert Brooks and Samuel Metu

Editor’s Note: This is Part 5 of a history series tracing the evolution of Mitchell 1 and individuals who have contributed to the company’s success for over a century, such as our valuable Mitchell 1 field reps.

The history of Mitchell 1 is deeply intertwined with its field representatives. From the early days of Glenn Mitchell and his first full-time sales rep, Ron Sager Sr., Mitchell 1 field representatives have played a key role in revolutionizing the automotive repair industry. In addition to selling information via Mitchell’s original printed manuals, the representatives established trusted, enduring relationships with their customers.

Today, Mitchell 1 has a team of independent field reps who continue to make a tremendous impact in the automotive industry. Just ask Dan Williams, Senior Director of Sales Operations for Mitchell 1.

Dan’s excitement about Mitchell 1’s sales team is contagious. There is no question that Dan cares about the relationship with the sales team just as the sales team cares about the shops they serve.

Networking and Problem-Solving

I directed a simple question toward Dan: Tell me what you’d like our audience to know about the Mitchell 1 reps in the field.

Dan started off explaining, how in the early days, the Mitchell field reps carried books around in cars driving from shop to shop. Thus, they became known as the “Mitchell Man,” a name that continues in the field to this day. The Mitchell rep quickly became known to bring information from the outside world beyond what was in the books.

As reps met with other shops’ technicians, they learned about challenging problems and solutions to those problems. The issues and solutions could then be shared with other shops.

The Mitchell rep provided a networking means for otherwise isolated shops. To this day, Mitchell 1 field representatives go into a shop not simply to sell a product; they desire to provide a solution to the challenges shops face in diagnosing and repairing vehicles as well as running a business.

Honoring the Legacy

Dan proudly conveyed that the Mitchell 1 reps help the service industry by being business consultants, coaches, collaborators and problem solvers who help make their businesses successful.

More than sales associates, the Mitchell 1 reps offer support after the sale. For instance, even before calling one of the Mitchell 1 support centers, shops will first reach out to their rep, and the rep will get involved. This is relationship in action!

Dan added that the shops are not the only people who benefit; Mitchell 1 benefits through the connections the reps make in the field. Mitchell 1 also gains insight into what problems technicians are facing in the field and then uses that insight to develop new solutions.

Being a Mitchell 1 rep is much more than a job; it can be a very rewarding career. Ask Greg Fitzmaurice, who is the longest-tenured and still an active field sales rep for Mitchell 1. Greg recently celebrated his 42nd year representing Mitchell 1.

Increasing Diversity

Even though the term “Mitchell Man” is still in use, 10% of all Mitchell 1 field reps are women. More women than ever are finding the role as a Mitchell 1 rep to be a rewarding career choice. Using the Mitchell 1 sales opportunity as a vehicle for personal success, the lives of many men and women have been changed for the better.

Dan closed the interview by acknowledging the recent passing of longtime Mitchell 1 rep David Byers, who had just celebrated 38 years representing Mitchell 1. Through decades of dedication and passion, Mitchell 1 representatives like David and Greg have become a special part of the Mitchell 1 family.

Final Thoughts

Mitchell 1 takes pride in recognizing the significant impact that these individuals have made in driving innovation within the auto repair industry. Besides providing shops with valuable repair information, Mitchell 1 field reps have also nurtured trust and built lasting relationships that have been instrumental in helping shops grow and succeed through the decades.


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