Meet Your Mitchell 1 Marketing Team Member: Joe Robinson

The “Meet Your Team Member” feature provides an inside look at the SocialCRM auto shop marketing service from the perspective of one of our product experts. In this Q&A format, they share expertise, insights and best practices to help auto repair shops use digital marketing strategies to gain a competitive advantage in their market.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Joe Robinson, one of our esteemed veterans of the SocialCRM Support team. Since 2018, Joe has played a pivotal role in helping numerous shop managers enhance their understanding of shop marketing. Through his expertise, many shops have learned to effectively engage with customers and establish a strong customer/shop relationship.

Joe’s sales background had him accustomed to being on the phone, but he was eager for a change of pace and just wanted to have fun talking with customers! He understands the importance of prioritizing and addressing the shop’s marketing needs. Joe always begins his calls by asking, “How are you doing today? Is this a good time to talk?”

He focuses on their tone to assess the situation; “If there is a lot of commotion or the shop is too busy, I will politely offer to call back at a more convenient time,” he says.

He really loves to make his calls more personable because it allows him to establish strong relationships with his SocialCRM customers. Several customers have expressed that Joe is the best part of their day and they love working with him; so much so that when Joe’s out of the office – his customers actually miss talking with him!

A SocialCRM customer of Joe’s, Christina Hill of Central Florida Transmission Repair, raves about him:

Joe Robinson is the most amazing rep ever! He checks in all the time and is extremely helpful with everything. He also responds to his emails very quickly! He is a true asset and I am so happy to have him as a partner for CFT!”

Joe, what are some tips that you would give shop owners/managers on how they can build a better, lasting rapport with their customers?

Show Customers You Care

The number one thing I always tell shop managers is “show your customers you care about their experience by responding to your shop reviews consistently; good or bad!

It’s common for shops to focus solely on responding to negative reviews, but responding to positive ones is just as important because it shows customers you appreciate their feedback and value their business.

By responding to all reviews, you can build a reputation for your shop as one that cares about its customers and goes the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction, so they keep coming back to your shop!

My Next Tip: Listen with Empathy

Are you listening patiently to what your customer has to say, even if you may not agree with it? Take the extra time to hear their concerns and questions; this will help your shop be perceived as sympathetic and understanding.

Customers often choose a new shop to service their vehicle because they felt unheard by their previous shop. They simply want someone to listen to what they need and feel that they are in good, trusting hands.

Ask yourself, “What am I looking to accomplish as a shop?” Of course, your goal is to drive profit, but customer satisfaction should also be a top priority. To ensure this, I tell shop managers to utilize the text messaging and emailing features included in SocialCRM shop marketing services. I walk them through getting set up and how to use the features to help build a relationship — improving customer satisfaction overall. This will help increase positive word of mouth and reviews for your business!

Don’t Hesitate to Call Us!

I often bring my call to a close by reminding the shop, “We’re always here to assist you with anything you may need, so please don’t hesitate to call us!”

You should be well informed about all the features and services we offer, especially if a customer inquiries about them. For instance, say a customer rolls into your shop asking questions about your alert features and messaging. It is likely another customer has the same question, so you should be prepared to offer them an answer.

Have more questions about SocialCRM? Call us anytime, and we’ll do our best to provide accurate and useful information to address your questions or concerns.

888-724-6742 (option 5)

What You Can Do NOW:

Sign up for Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM shop marketing, offering various services and features to improve your online presence, boost your SEO and stay connected to customers to build lasting relationships.

Quickly send updates to their shop customers, about their vehicle history report, or a gentle reminder to submit a service review, and more!

What Unique Benefits Does SocialCRM Offer to Shops?

Technology is constantly advancing, so it’s important to utilize the Internet and marketing strategies. SocialCRM allows your customers to stay “in the loop” as much as you are with their vehicle needs and upcoming appointment dates.

When a shop is on the fence about SocialCRM, Joe reminds them, “It is highly likely your shop’s competitors are doing it too. Whether you use Mitchell 1 marketing services or another firm, you’ll need marketing tools to stay competitive in the market.” However, we understand you are busy at the shop, so “let us do the heavy lifting for you!” We’ll become your middle-man; holding your hand through the social marketing process. “We’ll make it easy!

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