Two Ways to Find TMC Recommended Practices in TruckSeries

For five decades, the ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council’s (TMC) Recommended Practices (RPs) have been widely recognized as the go-to resource for trucking professionals seeking best practices and industry standards for maintenance, repair and technology-related issues.

For this reason, we’ve recently merged the RPs into TruckSeries to make this valuable resource quick and easy to find!  In fact, you can navigate to TMC RPs in two ways – through the 1Search Plus card-based dashboard OR the Service Manual view. Here’s how:

After selecting a specific vehicle, navigate to the Select Module drop-down menu, located at the top left of the home screen. Here, you can access TMC RPs in the following two ways:

  • 1Search Plus – Access TMC RPs through the 1Search Plus card format.
  • Service ManualAccess TMC RPs through the Service Manual. This method will vary based on the selected vehicle type (truck vs. trailer).

The 1Search Plus Dashboard:

The Service Manual Module:

From the TruckSeries application Homepage – find the “Select Module” drop-down menu.

Select Service Manual from the options.

Then, under the “Table of Contents,” navigate to TMC Recommended Practices, located near the bottom.

After selecting TMC Recommended Practices, you will find the following options (see yellow highlights).


About TMC

Mitchell 1 has partnered with the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) of the American Trucking Associations to merge TMC Recommended Practices (RPs) into Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries offering – a move that makes it easier than ever for technicians to find specific information with a single search. The TMC RPs have long been recognized as one of the trucking industry’s best resources for commercial vehicle maintenance, testing and specification information, as well as maintenance shop management knowledge.

By following these industry best practices, technicians can ensure they are utilizing the latest procedures and tools, resulting in enhanced skills and improved quality of repairs. The TMC Recommended Practices serve as a valuable resource for technicians to stay updated with the ever-changing truck repair industry.

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