Featured TSB: Corvette Power Down

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Corvette Power Down


For DTC P0089 and P228C, inspect condition of pin locations 1 and 2.

This bulletin applies to 2014-2016 Chevy Corvette vehicles (LT1/:LT4 engine). The SES light may be on and the engine may have no power during failure. Some of the DTCs that may have set include: P0089, P228C, P228D, P0090, P0092, P00C8, P00C9, P00CA, P0201, P0208, P0261, P0262, P0264, P0265, P0267, P0268, P0270, P0271, P0273, P0274, P0276, P0277, P0279, P0280, P0282, P0283 and P0300.

If the diagnosis has been followed and the root cause has not been isolated, inspect terminals in connector X161 for looseness and/or black burn marks on the surface of both male and female terminals. Note: for DTC P0089 and P228C, locations 1 and 2 are the pins to look at.

Example of a burnt spot. Also, this has poor terminal tension.

Another example of terminal pin burn marks.


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