Dodge and RAM Brand Names

Dodge and RAM Brand Names

In late 2009, Chrysler made the announcement that the Dodge division would be split into 2 brand names. Dodge car, minivans and SUV models would continue to be sold under the Dodge brand name. The pickup, cab & chassis, and other commercial models would be sold under the RAM brand name. Along with the existing Ram truck models, the 2011 and later Dakota pickup also became a RAM model. For 2012, the Dodge Caravan C/V commercial van becomes the RAM C/V. In 2013 Chrysler added the ProMaster line of front wheel drive commercial vehicles, based on the European Fiat Ducato.

When is it a Dodge, and When is it a RAM?

During the 2010 model year there was some confusion during brand names changes to the model line-up. Many of the pickup models were called Dodge Rams. Mitchell 1 started using the RAM brand in its products starting with the 2011 model year. When you select the 2011 model year in ProDemand, you will find RAM as a vehicle make. You will not find 2011 and later Dodge built trucks under the Dodge vehicle make they are now under the RAM brand name.

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