Building Strength on Strength through the Snap-on Family of Brands

As a proud member of Snap-on’s Total Shop Solutions, Mitchell 1 is committed to the promise of quality!

Isn’t it true that a brand is only as good as the organization standing behind it? Did you know that Snap-on – a global leader in the professional tool industry – is also the leading Fortune 500 company standing behind Mitchell 1’s automotive repair software?

Mitchell 1 is a proud member of the TOTAL SHOP SOLUTIONS (TSS) family of Snap-on® brands that bring together best-in-class automotive repair products from across the industry. From wheel balancers, wheel aligners, repair information and diagnostics, to brake lathes, automotive lifts and collision repair, the TSS brands offer a unique breadth of solutions to outfit any shop from floor to ceiling.

TSS also aims to provide customers with exceptional service, the convenience of shopping for all your products in one place, and the latest technology in the automotive repair industry to ensure future success. Furthermore, having the backing of the iconic Snap-on brand conveys a badge of professionalism to those performing critical work where second best is not an option.

Here at Mitchell 1, the Snap-on brand conveys a special sense of pride and dignity. We are dedicated to ensuring that your suite of tools and repair information will be right, and if not, we will make them right.

Doing business with the best will give your customer the best experience possible. How’s that for peace of mind? Priceless! When it comes to something as critical as automotive repair, it’s smart to do business with only the best – and put a brand committed to a “no-compromise on quality” approach behind your automotive repair software. There’s no better way to do business.

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