Branding? Reputation?  It all starts with YOU!!

When it comes to running your auto repair shop business, the number one focus is marketing YOU, the owner of the business.  That reputation does not start when a customer steps inside the front doors, but it actually begins with the first impression; whether it’s over the phone, a view of your website, or your shop’s social media feeds!

  • Responsiveness – Are you actively responding to your customers’ feedback?
  • Phone Skills – Are you welcoming, attentive, asking for appointments, etc.?
  • Customer Service – This involves active listening, voice tone and problem resolution.
  • Service Recommendations – Take the opportunity to have valuable conversations about recommended services, such as inspections and estimates, to make the sale
  • Referral Programs – Building trust takes time, and sharing great experiences is the word of mouth a potential customer can count on.

A business’s reputation is perceived by what potential customers find through internet searches. Whatever the results generate – from customer reviews to newspaper articles – a potential customer needs to get to know YOU first, before they will actually pick up the phone or send in an appointment request.

Now ask yourself, “Are you aware of your own branding?”  What will a potential customer find about your business is they did a Google search?  It is very important to be in the know!

How do you accomplish this? By having a complete marketing plan which includes your reputation management, customer retention, and new customer acquisition. It may sound like a lot to do, but it’ easier than you think.  Mitchell 1 has a talented, dedicated SocialCRM marketing team onboard to help navigate you through this entire process.

With SocialCRM by your side, you and your shop’s branding will be in good hands!

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About the Author

Keri Cloud

Keri’s currently the SocialCRM Marketing Manager and has been with Mitchell 1 since 2011. Prior to joining the Mitchell 1 team she spent 13 years as a supervisor for a Fortune 500 real estate property management company.