Are You Suffering from Fault Code Overload?

Recently, I reviewed the latest fault code information for the Detroit Diesel Electronic Control system (DDEC) and was astounded by the proliferation of fault codes in today’s modern diesel engines – so much so that I decided to do a little research to satisfy my curiosity.

I found some interesting facts about the DDEC system – the first electronic control system for an on-highway diesel engine. When it was released back in 1986, this system had only 43 fault codes and controlled only the engine timing and fuel injection.

Fast forward to today …  the Detroit Diesel engine now has 943 fault codes and the system controls much more than timing and injection. With so many fault codes, it’s no wonder you may be a fault code overload sufferer. This is where Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries software suite can provide some relief.

With TruckSeries and its powerful 1SearchPlus search-and-navigation capability, you can pinpoint all the pertinent information related to a fault code in a single lookup. With a click of a mouse, you can find everything from component operation, descriptions, wiring diagrams and much more on an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

The power of 1SearchPlus, combined with interactive wiring diagrams and full-color high resolution digital pictures, will simplify diagnosis and repair of fault code related failures.

This is one of the many features within Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries maintenance software that will help increase your shop’s productivity, improve customer satisfaction and grow your business.

For more detailed information, watch the TruckSeries 1SearchPlus video  or book your free demo with one of our TruckSeries experts by signing up here.

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