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Here at Mitchell1, we strive to offer complete, bumper-to-bumper service, diagnostic and maintenance information. With the constant introduction of new models and the exponential growth of data, at times that can be a tall order!

In this blog, I wanted to highlight the video information that we have been putting into ProDemand auto repair software for Acura and Honda vehicles. Even if you don’t do a lot of service on these vehicles, it is worth your time to “poke around” and see what is offered. Between the two makes, there are a little over 300 available. There are many general information videos that are beneficial, no matter what brand you normally see.

Of few of my favorites are:

  • A Look at 5-Step Troubleshooting – Video

  • Always Start with the Basics when Troubleshooting Electrical Problems – Video

  • Measure Voltage Drop to Pinpoint Those Elusive Electrical Problems – Video

  • Misfire Troubleshooting Tip – Video

  • Road Force Vibration – Video

Others that you may find of interest:

  • Checking the CVT Fluid Level When There’s No Dipstick – Video

  • Engine Damage Due to Oil Filter Plastic – Video

  • Let’s Talk Insulated Gloves! – Video

  • How to Use a Digital Torque Angle Gauge

  • Poor Terminal Fit can Cause Intermittent Electrical Problems

So, next time you log into ProDemand auto repair software, chose a 2015 Accord or MDX for example, navigate to OEM General Information under General Information in Service Manual, and you will find a number of videos that maybe of interest.

There are also videos under each of the other service categories for you to discover.

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