• Vehicle Service Pros – Tool Review: Mitchell 1 ProDemand Enhanced Wiring Diagrams

    Mitchell 1’s new Enhanced Wiring Diagrams were recently reviewed by Scott Brown of VehicleServicePros.com and Owner of Connie & Dick’s Service Center of Claremont, CA. Below Scott provides his first hand review and insight on the enhanced wiring diagrams and how they can be a benefit to your repair needs.

  • SocialCRM – Manager SE Integration

    SCRM Reports in Manager_featuredWith the integration of Mitchell 1 SocialCRM dashboard and customer marketing details into the Manager SE shop management solution, for the first time shop owners and service professionals can see vital customer and vehicle information along with key marketing results, including real-time customer review notifications from inside their shop management system.

  • Top 10 Repair List feature

    The Top 10 Repairs list completely changed the way users search and retrieve repair information, taking the user experience to the next level of efficiency. Technicians simply select a vehicle and ProDemand retrieves all the related data, organized into four lists: components, codes, symptoms and lookups. Innovation – For the first time, Mitchell 1 has […]

  • Mobile ManagerPro

    Shops extend their management system into the driveway and bays with a pre-configured tablet device fully integrated with the full Manager™ SE shop management system.

  • Credit Card Processing for Manager SE

    CreditCardPayment_featuredThis brief video will provide a quick demonstration of Integrated Credit Card Processing for our Manager or Manager Plus SE 6.x shop mgmt software.

  • Technology Partner for Professional Vehicle Repair Success

    With over 95 years in the vehicle care industry, Mitchell 1 has a unique perspective and ability to deliver products that truly solve problems for our customers. This video highlights three core components that contribute to our long success — heritage, innovation and stability — as well as our complete vehicle repair information and software […]

  • Complete Shop Solution

    Learn how ProDemand helped VIKING AutoCare increase efficiency, fix more cars, and double their sales.

  • Mitchell 1 SureTrack – The Fastest Path to Fixed

    Get a close-up look at how SureTrack™ helps technicians fix cars faster and with more confidence. In this video, Ben Johnson, Mitchell 1’s Director of Product Development, shares some highlights of how SureTrack’s Real Fixes from actual technicians, along with the complete OEM repair information in ProDemand™, work together to help auto service professionals work […]

  • Communicating and Connecting with Customers

    Dan Williams (Mitchell 1′s Sr. Director of Sales Operations) talks with Wrenchin’ Roger at AAPEX 2012 about strategies to build relationships with customers through better communication before, during and after the shop visit. Shops use Mitchell 1′s SocialCRM™ service reminders and targeted marketing promotions to bring customers to the shop, then they complete an accurate […]

  • ProView

    ProView is a unique a new troubleshooting tool to help service professionals relate diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and symptoms to components based on real-world content. ProView often reveals surprising possible causes based on code combinations, helping guide techs quickly to an accurate diagnosis. Innovation – No other repair resource can provide an interactive relationship back […]