• ProDemand Auto Repair Information Made Smarter

    ProDemand® delivers complete OEM repair information and exclusive real-world knowledge in a single lookup, to help automotive technicians repair vehicles more efficiently. Key features include expert-based Real Fixes, interactive wiring diagrams, ADAS quick reference, the latest TSBs, common replaced parts graphs, and integrated estimating with the Manager™ SE shop management system. Related Videos

  • Vehicle Repair Information Made Smarter

    Learn how ProDemand™ from Mitchell 1 helped VIKING AutoCare increase efficiency, fix more cars, and double their sales. ProDemand has…

  • ProDemand Modules

    Brief tour of ProDemand Modules and the information type presented in each. Related Videos

  • Advanced Interactive Wiring Diagrams

    ProDemand SVG Wiring Diagrams gain additional features that link diagrams together with jumps, searchable connectors, grounds & splices, wiring history last 10 diagrams viewed. Related Videos

  • The Best Wiring Diagrams in the Industry

    Do you dread navigating today’s complex wiring diagrams that take you down a seemingly endless, twisting path to the information you need? No More! We’ve eliminated that hassle with the Advanced Interactive Wiring Diagrams in ProDemand. The latest enhancements make navigating within a diagram set, or navigating from one diagram set to a completely different […]

  • ProDemand Estimator

    Overview of Estimator screen options for Parts & Labor, Maintenance and Fluids Related Videos

  • ProDemand SureTrack Community

    Overview of the expert Community tab – users can submit questions, search answers, track their own contributions Related Videos

  • 1Search Plus

    1Search Plus is the fastest way to find both OEM and SureTrack expert community real fixes. The return is a series of cards that follow a tech’s diagnostic and repair path Related Videos

  • Estimate Guide

    Overview of Estimate Guide settings for labor rates, taxes, fees, discounts, creating and saving quotes with or w/o customer information Related Videos

  • What is ADAS – Part 1

    Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) is the name given to a set of features implemented on a vehicle that works to increase car and road safety. ADAS includes a plethora of different car safety features and technology, including adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, parking assist, pedestrian crash avoidance mitigation, and many more. In addition to promoting […]