• ELECTRIFY Your Business with Mitchell 1

    Learn how industry-leading auto repair software and services from Mitchell 1 “electrifies” businesses to future-proof shops and improve profit margins. Discover how: * ProDemand repair information charges-up electrical diagnosis and repairs to service any vehicle, including gas, hybrid and electric * Manager SE shop management software powers-up efficiency with streamlined workflows, from estimates through invoices, […]

  • Driving Repair Efficiency at Every Step with Mitchell 1

    Take a close look at how the Mitchell 1 product suite works together to help improve shop efficiency, diagnostic accuracy , and attract and retain customers, Ben Johnson, director of Product Management for Mitchell 1, walks through a typical “day in the life of a shop,” beginning with a customer looking for an auto repair […]

  • Advanced Electrical Testing For The Professional Technician

    Tackling electrical concerns is always a challenge and one many professional technicians struggle with. But just like any other skill you’ve mastered; you can master this one as well! And we have just the trainers to help you do that! Join Pete Meier and G. Jerry Truglia on Saturday, February 25th at 6:00 p.m. Eastern […]

  • Keeping The Smoke In The Engine Control Module

    “Have you ever gotten to the end of a 15-page troubleshooting flowchart and found that the last step was to “Replace the ECM”? I don’t know about you, but even if I know I did all the tests and checks right, I was still a little nervous about recommending an expensive part without knowing 100% […]