Mitchell 1’s New LocalSearch Feature Complements SocialCRM Auto Repair Marketing Services

Mitchell 1 has added a new feature to its SocialCRM auto repair marketing services to help make auto repair businesses more visible online when customers search for auto repair. LocalSearch is an optional add-on service that complements SocialCRM by assisting shops in building their brand and boosting their selling and marketing opportunities.

Starting with an optimized, professional website, LocalSearch expands on the standard SocialCRM services with powerful features designed to help shops build an effective online presence and increase their customer base.

“We are delighted to expand our auto repair shop marketing service with new features that will help shops improve their online presence and increase their bottom line,” said Marcus Mackell, market manager for SocialCRM, Mitchell 1. “These days, an optimized website is just the beginning. By providing those services, along with insights and metrics to reveal consumer interests and trends, we can help shop owners make critical decisions for long-term success.”

Key features of LocalSearch include:

  • Professional Business Website – SocialCRM will build a well optimized website as a key component of the shop’s marketing strategy to present a professional first impression and maximize internet search opportunities.
  • Tracking & Reporting – Allows shops to track how consumers navigate and interact with their website to identify trends in behaviors or interests that can help shop owners manage and market their businesses.
  • Call Tracking – This feature uses unique local phone numbers for tracking so shops can easily evaluate and compare phone traffic from marketing campaigns, monitor keyword searches and listen to recorded calls to gain insight as to what’s working for the business.
  • Additional Reviews – Shops can boost their internet visibility and reputation online by generating more Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews. These reviews supplement the verified SureCritic reviews offered with the SocialCRM service, and help the shop show up more favorably in internet search results.

In early 2018, the SocialCRM service will expand the LocalSearch offering with an option to add paid online ads via Google AdWords to the other LocalSearch features. The SocialCRM team will handle every step of the process, from creating ads to managing the AdWords budget, extensive reporting and ongoing support.

Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM shop marketing service is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive way to reach an entire customer database with unique marketing messages. Auto repair shops can retain existing customers with automated service reminders, thank-you notes and targeted e-mail promotions as well as attract new customers through verified reviews and increased internet visibility.

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