Mitchell 1 Adds Parts Lookup Feature to ProDemand

 Mitchell 1 has added the ability to search its ProDemand® repair information software using an OEM part number, further expanding the search functionality in the 1Search Plus module of ProDemand. Service writers and technicians now have the option to start a repair information lookup beginning with a part number in addition to diagnostic code, component or symptom.

“The part number search feature is useful to many auto repair shops and offers more flexibility to help technicians quickly find the repair information they need,” said Gary Hixson, marketing manager for ProDemand, Mitchell 1. “It’s always our goal to think the way auto professionals do and deliver features that help them increase efficiency at every step of the repair process. The part number lookup gives them a streamlined option when they need information specific to a part.”

In the search field, users now see a new option for part numbers. They can type in the part number with or without the spaces and hyphens and ProDemand will automatically detect and return results for the correct part. In addition, the type-ahead feature is activated for the search lookup, so technicians only need to enter few characters and ProDemand will populate the entire part number.

Once the OEM part number is entered, 1Search Plus will return all information related to that part for the selected vehicle, allowing technicians to quickly complete the diagnosis and repair.

ProDemand® provides complete OEM repair, estimating and maintenance information with exclusive real-world industry insights in a single lookup. The 1Search Plus search engine returns information in a user-friendly graphical “card” layout aligned with a technician’s workflow. Key features include expert-based Real Fixes, ADAS quick reference, smart color wiring diagrams, the latest TSBs, common repair procedures, Top 10 Repairs dashboard and integrated estimating with the Mitchell 1 Manager™ SE shop management system.