Mitchell 1 Adds Custom Text Message Campaigns to its SocialCRM Auto Repair Marketing Service

 The Mitchell 1 SocialCRM auto repair marketing service has added custom Texting Campaigns to its offerings, allowing auto repair shops to send personalized marketing messages directly to their customers’ phones.

“We are excited to offer our shop customers the power of text message marketing with minimal effort on their part,” said Marcus Mackell, product marketing manager for Mitchell 1 SocialCRM. “Text messages have become a critical part of a shop’s overall marketing strategy, but do require some care in order to comply with federal and local privacy regulations. Our service handles all the heavy lifting of obtaining prior consent, making it easier for a shop to add texting to their marketing efforts.”

The all-in-one texting solution allows shops to build marketing text messages to communicate directly with their customers. Offered at no additional cost to SocialCRM customers, shops can use customized messages to promote exclusive deals and share important notifications. Text campaigns are quick and easy to create and can be managed with just a few clicks from the SocialCRM dashboard.

SocialCRM Texting Campaigns include:

  • Automated and manual texting consent emails
  • Pre-set text campaign templates
  • Highly personalized messages to custom solicitation lists
  • Text message preview and sample text verification
  • Pre-scheduled text campaigns up to one week in the future
  • Real-time shop notifications of text responses
  • Real-time shop notifications when new subscribers consent

Text marketing requires documented prior consent by the recipient. SocialCRM handles this critical aspect for shops by sending the shop’s customers an email with a link to opt in to marketing messages. When the customer clicks the link and agrees to the promotional texting terms, they become a part of the shop’s texting subscriber list.

Text marketing campaigns are just the latest texting service offered by SocialCRM. The service also offers automated appointment reminders, shop notifications and thank-you texts to help keep customers engaged through ongoing messages from the shop.

The Mitchell 1 SocialCRM auto repair marketing service is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive way to reach an entire customer database with unique marketing messages. Auto repair shops can retain existing customers with automated service reminders, thank-you messages and targeted e-mail promotions as well as attract new customers through verified reviews, professional websites, paid search campaigns and increased internet visibility.

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