Mitchell 1 Adds ADAS Quick Reference

Feature to TruckSeries

Streamlines the Delivery of Information that Technicians Need to Repair ADAS-equipped Trucks

Mitchell 1 announces that the latest release of their TruckSeries truck repair information software includes an enhancement that streamlines the delivery of the information technicians need to diagnose, repair and calibrate Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features in today’s high-tech Class 4-8 trucks.

TruckSeries includes detailed repair information for these systems, and the new Driver Assist ADAS Quick Link button delivers immediate access to a table consolidating all ADAS features for the selected vehicle and the specific components involved. When a technician selects a component for the vehicle from the ADAS table, TruckSeries delivers complete information in the user-friendly 1Search Plus card format. Technicians have immediate access to the relevant information needed to diagnose and repair these complex systems.

“The complexity of ADAS features on commercial vehicles is increasing exponentially and repair facilities including independent shops need quick access to complete information to efficiently restore trucks to safe operating condition,” said Kristy LaPage, business manager for the commercial vehicle group at Mitchell 1. “We are delighted to help technicians diagnose and repair these systems by making it easy to quickly find the components and details they need to service and repair ADAS features.”

Unlike cars and light trucks, with Class 4-8 commercial trucks the manufacturer of the ADAS component for a particular vehicle is not always known. TruckSeries provides that detail with the component name when needed or when it is known. Additionally, the software takes into consideration the component location on the vehicle (left, right, forward, outside, etc.) to help guide the technician and increase efficiency. Coverage spans from 2003 to 2021.

The unique dashboard view is exclusive to Mitchell 1 and presents an overview of related components, including whether the components of an ADAS feature will require calibration, special tools like targets, or a scan tool to complete the job. Having all the details together in a single location can save time by providing a full picture of all ADAS-related features on the vehicle.

Mitchell 1 TruckSeries is the only comprehensive truck repair information software suite of its kind available for Class 4-8 trucks, providing a one-stop, single log-in, all-makes data resource for mechanical labor estimating, diagnostic trouble code procedures and comprehensive repair information, all packaged into a single application. TruckSeries is integrated with Manager™ SE Truck Edition, Mitchell 1’s award-winning truck shop management software that delivers an end-to-end solution for every step of the repair process.

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