• Causes and Fixes

    Navigating Causes and Fixes in ProDemand to find DTC to Commonly Replaced Parts

  • Common Procedures

    How to use the Common Repair Procedures Graph in your ProDemand

  • TSBs

    Finding Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) in ProDemand

  • TPMS Information

    Looking up TPMS Information and TPMS Reset Procedures in ProDemand

  • Component View

    Using Component Connector View in ProDemand’s Automotive Repair Information

  • Multimedia Links

    How to find OEM Multimedia Links in ProDemand’s Automotive Repair Information

  • Plate-to-VIN Lookup

    Plate-to-VIN vehicle lookup saves time and ensures accuracy

  • Quick Links

    Quick Links provide fast access shortcuts directly to the most popular information such as specs, fluids, DTCs, wiring diagrams

  • playlist

  • Service Manual

    Service Manual provides a point-and-click method to lookup repair information by category