• Disclaimers

    Disclaimers are the business policy notices at the bottom of every customer facing document.

  • Tire Matrix

    Overview of the markup matrix dedicated to tires and the configuration of fees associated with tire sales.

  • Pricing (Catalogs)

    Overview of the tab with the global decision for pricing parts by either matrix calculation applied to actual costs or using list prices from catalog.

  • Price Markup Matrix

    Overview of the Markup Matrix settings and the Average or Last Cost calculation methods.

  • Markup Options

    Discussion of Markup settings for Sublet, Estimator parts & labor, also Shop and Misc Overhead.

  • Zip Code Mapping

    How to setup an alternate city & state default for a zip code entered.

  • Standard Accounts

    Overview of primary GL Codes.

  • Income Accounts + Payment Types

    Discussion of account revenue, reporting and adding new payment types as needed.

  • Tax Rate

    Overview of Tax Rate and Compount Tax setup tabs, some recommendations and options.