Your ProDemand Feedback is Important to Us!

When you’re using our ProDemand™ program you may have noticed a Feedback button stuck to the right side of the screen near the scroll bar. Have you ever clicked on it? While there are several ways to contact Mitchell 1 to provide feedback about our products, there are advantages to clicking the Feedback button.

The Feedback button is a quick way to let us know when you find an issue with either the program or the data, but you can also use it to let us know when you have a suggestion for improving the product. The best thing about this method is that when you click it and enter your feedback, we are also collecting various information that is helpful in making sure we know exactly what is going on in the program at the time you submit your feedback. This includes the vehicle you have selected, the article or part of the program you are in, as well as your account information. This saves you from having to enter any of this information yourself.

Note: If you need help with a problem vehicle, use our SureTrack™ system by clicking the SureTrack button in ProDemand.

What happens to my feedback?

Ok, so you’ve entered your feedback and hit the “Send” button. You may be wondering where it goes from there. We have a feedback review team that meets at least twice a week to review feedback that is submitted through this button. This team consists of members of our Software Development, Editorial and Product Management groups. The team will try to duplicate any concerns to see exactly what you are seeing. Content issues go directly to the Editorial group for correction if needed and these are often fixed in the product within days.

For program suggestions, we quite often get multiple requests for the same type of feature. Those get assigned to Product Management and from there these requests are formalized and put into the plan for future development. All program issues are investigated and our development teams work on correcting them. We have frequent updates to the program as we’re constantly striving to improve the user experience.

Will someone contact me about my feedback?

While we request you include your contact information when you submit feedback, we don’t respond directly to every user’s feedback submission. This doesn’t mean we are ignoring you, it just means that we are working hard to address the issues as quickly as possible. From time to time we will contact a user who has submitted feedback in order to get more information about their issue or suggestion. Sometimes we may not be able to reproduce the issue, so we will reach out to the user to try and help them resolve it on their end. We may also contact users who have provided suggestions to let them know we’ve made a change based on their feedback.

Should I always use the feedback button instead of calling or emailing?

If you have an immediate need for help with content or a program issue, you should use our toll-free support line or email contact forms for the fastest service. Just click on “Tools” at the top right of the program and select Help for our support phone numbers and forms. If you just want to report a data or program issue or make a suggestion and don’t need an answer right away, then the Feedback button is the best choice. This keeps our phone lines open for those with immediate needs.

So yes, your feedback is very important to Mitchell 1. We take all feedback seriously as we are striving to build the best product on the market and our users are key to this process. We thank you all for taking the time to participate.


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About the Author

Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor is the SureTrack Community Administrator and a Senior Applications Specialist at Mitchell 1 with over 25 years of experience with electronic repair data systems. Nick previously worked in the automotive dismantling and engine rebuilding industries.