Yes Sir, Follow Those Torque Specs

Yes Sir, Follow Those Torque Specs

As a young recruit in the Navy I quickly learned to follow orders, stick to the procedure and complete all tasks as assigned. Today’s complex engines require the same attention to detail when completing a repair.

The engine mechanical articles in our TractorTrailer and MediumTruck repair information software contain master torque specifications tables. When completing a specific procedure, always use the specifications table and also follow the step-by-step procedures outlined in the article. I was chatting about this with my fellow editor here at Mitchell 1, Andrew Carlson, and we both agreed that when it comes to torque specifications, it’s crucial to “follow orders,” and not to rely on gut feeling.

To illustrate the importance of using both specs and the step-by-step procedures, let’s take a look at installing a cylinder head on a Cummins ISL-G. The text portion alone contains five separate graphics illustrating the correct tightening sequence. Notice the 12-step tightening procedure outlined in the specifications table (see graphics below). The steps in the table call out long and short bolts, center rows, exhaust and intake sides, as well as additional degree specifications.


As you can see, the days of starting in the middle and tightening bolts in a crisscross pattern are over. Always consult the specifications table and step-by-step procedures to ensure a trouble-free repair. Attention to detail will help get the truck back on the road and avoid a possible comeback.

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