Why Mitchell 1 Reviews, Powered by SureCritic, are a Big Deal

Why Mitchell 1 Reviews Powered by SureCritic are a Big Deal

SureCritic is Mitchell 1’s valued SocialCRM partner and one of the most savvy customer review companies on the Internet. While SureCritic (and many other companies) might not yet have the name recognition of Yelp or Google, they are just as important, if not more so. That’s because they are creating the best kind of content for your business – a collection of credible reviews from actual customers that can be easily searched, shared, marketed and managed by the business owner.

Many review sites allow manipulation through submission of anonymous reviews or deletion of low reviews. Observant consumers can smell that lack of credibility a mile away. That only makes SureCritic’s verified reviews more valuable, since from the consumer’s standpoint the real differentiation between review sites is believability.

If you’re curious about the visibility of your own shop’s reviews, try typing your shop name and the word “reviews” in Google. This is one of the more common ways that consumers are checking up on you.

Additional benefits of SureCritic reviews include:

  • Testimonial page displaying all 5-star reviews can be easily added to your shop Web page
  • Review links placed on your shop Web page have significant search value
  • Option to directly email the consumer when responding to reviews
  • Ability for your customers to share their positive experience with friends and family via their social network.
  • Marketing your business in your review responses
  • Real-time email notifications of reviews and review sharing
  • Consumer feedback provides process improvement opportunity
  • Push specific reviews to your Facebook page

And Mitchell 1 is not the only company to recognize the value of SureCritic. In July, Hyundai Motor America announced the launch of Hyundai Customer Reviews powered by SureCritic. The program is currently being rolled out to over 800+ Hyundai dealerships.

Click to learn more about SocialCRM’s customer reviews from SureCritic.

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