What Kind of Car Are You?

What Kind of Car Are You?

What kind of car do you think reflects who you really are? Just for fun, take this quiz from the folks at MechanicAdvisor and find out. It’ll take you less than five minutes. Be prepared for a surprise. Or not.

I took the quiz and discovered that I’m a Dodge Caravan. Whoa, I didn’t see that coming! I’m not quite sure what I expected or which of my answers caused that outcome, but when I took the quiz again and picked totally opposite responses, I ended up as a Pontiac Trans Am. Now that’s more like it!

Click to take the quiz now. And no cheating – tell the truth even if means you’re a nice, non-flashy Dodge Caravan like me!

Credit to Mechanic Advisor, an online automotive directory that connects consumers to local repair shops: https://www.mechanicadvisor.com/articles/what-kind-of-car-are-you
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Gary Hixson is a Sr. Market Manager at Mitchell 1, and is responsible for product and market management of the Repair Information product line. Most recently he managed the release of ProDemand™, the industry-leading repair, diagnostic and maintenance information system.