Using Website Badges to Optimize your Auto Shop Website

What are you doing to make your business stand out from the rest? A professional business website is a key element in your auto shop marketing strategy and can be one of the biggest differentiators to help you get noticed. Unfortunately, as time goes on and more businesses launch websites, they are starting to look more and more alike. So what can you do to make your website outshine your competitors?

There are multiple things you can do to address this issue. You might change the layout of your site, adjust the color scheme or add new images. Another great way to make your page different is by adding additional functionality to your site with a website badge. This will ultimately help you improve your site’s value.

What are website badges anyway?

According to Elegant Themes, “Website badges are typically small graphics that contain a link to an associated website. In the past, badges were mostly used for awards, validations, and accreditations. While these applications are still fairly commonplace, the role of badges has broadened – and they can be applied to virtually any business.”

Website badges can offer your auto shop website the ability to leverage endorsements, increase your site’s traffic and connect visitors to other relevant sites, like your SocialCRM Business Review Page. This page will showcase your consumer reviews. Although it may seem a little intimidating and maybe even scary to show off your reviews, doing so can benefit your business in many ways. For instance, cultivating positive reviews can actually improve your ranking in a search, help your customers make a quicker purchase decision and improve your brand image.

Mitchell 1 SocialCRM makes it easy for you to access the tools necessary to generate business review page badge for your website. Read more on the benefits of adding your Business Review Page to your website and for quick instructions on how to get your website badges going.

Using badges on auto shop website - automotive shop marketing

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