Understanding Irregular Tire Wear

Understanding Irregular Tire Wear

Squeezing the most mileage out of your fleet’s tires can be a challenge for fleet managers. One of the keys is to understand the root cause of tire wear, especially irregular wear that potentially shortens tire life.

We ran across a great article in Fleet Equipment Magazine that addresses this issue. Author Al Cohn shares a wealth of excellent information and tips for extending the life of tires in his article entitled Understanding Irregular Tire Wear. As a matter of fact, this might be a good starting point for a New Year’s resolution to take steps to improve the life of your fleet’s tires.

Cohn says that some of the common factors to look for include:

  • Tire inflation pressure
  • Tire bead seating/assembly
  • Runout/balance
  • Worn or broken suspension components
  • Vehicle alignment
  • Specific tire make/model

It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time to Read the Full Article. With these tips, you can keep your New Year’s resolution to keep your tires running smoothly and evenly all year long!

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