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TruckSeries Getting Started Guide

Welcome to TruckSeries, the next generation of repair information for service professionals who work on Class 4-8 trucks.

TruckSeries is built on a modular platform, allowing you to access multiple applications from a single login. As a subscriber to one or more of the Mitchell 1 software products for medium and heavy trucks, you will now access ALL your software from the TruckSeries website:

Previously, each of the truck products was accessed on its own individual website, with a separate login required for each. Now each product is available as a separate module inside the TruckSeries application. We’ve retained the basic product names, but inside the application the modules are listed by category – see table below.

The flexible TruckSeries platform allows you to activate access to the products separately or bundled together — all within the single application. Once you’ve logged in, TruckSeries will populate the main menu with the products in your subscription. So the menu you see will contain only the products to which you have subscribed.

TruckSeries Training

This guide is a basic introduction to TruckSeries. For full details on accessing your products on the new TruckSeries platform, we highly recommend you visit the online Get2Know Training Center ( for helpful resources including live webinars and support documents to help you get the most out of your product/s. Be sure to also read the Mitchell 1 Shop Connection Truck Blog ( regularly for product tips and tricks.

Recommended Internet Browsers

TruckSeries is optimized for the following browsers:

  • Chrome (preferred)
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11

Below are general instructions for logging in to TruckSeries, followed by instructions for accessing and getting started with your product/s.

Logging In to TruckSeries

  1. Navigate to the TruckSeries website at and log in with the username and password that you use to access your existing Mitchell 1 subscription.
  2. The TruckSeries home page will open and you will find the vehicle selector button at the top left and main menu directly below. Click the Select Vehicle button to begin.
  3. Enter the Year, Make, Model for the vehicle. Note: if you are using RepairConnect (Trouble Code Repair), you must also select an engine in Options.
  4. Once you have your vehicle selected, you can select a module and access the desired information.

Note: TruckSeries will populate the main menu with the products in your subscription. You will see only the products for which you have subscribed:

  • If you have TruckLabor, you will see Labor Guide and Quotes modules
  • If you have MediumTruck and/or TractorTrailer, you will see the Repair module
  • If you have RepairConnect, you will see the Trouble Code Repair module
  • If you have all the Truck products, you will see all of the modules


No changes have been made to the TruckLabor layout or features. From the main menu, select Labor Guide to add parts and labor times, and Quotesto generate the estimate.

Labor Guide: Select parts

Labor Guide: Add labor times

Quotes: Generate the estimate

MediumTruck & TractorTrailer

After you have selected your vehicle, select Repair from the main menu. You will see the Table of Contents with a list of categories. Select a category from the Table of Contents and TruckSeries delivers the repair article and related information. You may also use the Keyword Searchoption to search for a specific component.

Repair Table of Contents

Repair article and related information

Repair – Keyword Search


After you have selected your vehicle, including engine, select Trouble Code Repair from the main menu.

  1. In the Code Lookup dialog box, select the code protocol and applicable code (code selections will populate automatically). Select your code from the dropdowns and press Submit.

    Code Lookup dialog box

  2. The trouble code short description will appear, along with a series of tabs at the top. These tabs function exactly as they did in Click the tabs to access the information you want.

    Trouble code short description with tabs

Note: You may repeat the code selection process to add additional codes that you want to research.

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