Top automotive CRM tools and how they can improve your auto shop

The SocialCRM automotive digital marketing service is powerful tools helping automotive repair shop owners establish better relationships with their customers. With the use of automated emails & text message, shops can notify vehicle owners of their upcoming services and more!

SocialCRM service takes the burden of managing a marketing program out of the shop owner’s hands and puts it on cruise control. Here are a few expert marketing tips that can help show you how Mitchell 1’s Social CRM auto shop marketing can help take the burden of managing a marketing program out of the shop owner’s hands and put it on cruise control.

Verified Customers Reviews:

Verified reviews have a great value to grabbing consumer attention to these reviews and increase your business! A verified review is your most trustworthy feedback from a customer’s experience, which a business can receive.  To have the best visibility and search ability, your business reputation needs to found on more than 1 platform.

Showcase the work, services, products and over all you priority to superior customer service. Even those negative reviews are a plus for your business!  What a great opportunity to show your customer service skills and how one can expect to be taken care, as long as they are handled properly, quickly and to the customers satisfaction.

Texting: Appointment Reminders, Thank you follow up and Special limited offers on the fly!  With a text appointment reminder, you will find significant increase of appointments kept rather than missed, and collect verified feedback from your customers with the convenience of their smart phone.  Having a slow day? Blast a limited time offer to fill up those bays!

Be able to respond to your customers via our mobile device- How convenient and effective!

Recommendations: Often customers come in to have specific work done but have to decline any found recommendations at their initial appointment.  You need to be there to remind them of important outstanding services! Turn your 1 time visit customers into your loyal customers who return for business throughout the year by building the bridge of communications!

Optimized Business Website:  Call tracking, recorded calls, vehicle blog with service(s) performed, in turn enhances the key words for search results.

Call tracking is a great way for a business to grow by having toll-free and local phone numbers, to be able to identify where your traffic is being directed from, which gains insight on your leads!  Gaining this insight will ensure our marketing efforts are in the right place.

Evaluation of your leads is crucial to your conversation rate.  How is your 1st impression?  Reviewing your potential new customers calls will give you a deeper look into what type of services are coming in and are there any trends to be aware of.

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