Top 6 Questions About Accessing Your SureTrack Community in ProDemand

So by now, you have probably heard the SureTrack Community feature of ProDemand is kind of a game-changer in the world of auto repair, have signed up and are at the point of diving in to take advantage of this oh-so-sweet auto repair expert advice. But wait, oh no! You can’t get in. We know that can be a frustrating feeling, so here are some of the most commonly asked questions about accessing your SureTrack Community that will help you get the auto repair information you need faster.

How do I get to the SureTrack Community in ProDemand or ShopKey Pro?

Click on the main menu at the left side of ProDemand or ShopKey Pro and click on the SureTrack Community button. If you are logged in to ProDemand or ShopKey Pro as with a shop account you will be in read-only mode in the community where you will be able to see the latest activity and leaderboard. Once you perform an action that is limited to a community user, you will be asked to log in to an individual account or create one.

NOTE: Some users will see different choices on the main menu of ProDemand or ShopKey Pro depending on what products you are subscribed to but the SureTrack Community button will be there if you have access to the community.

How do I create a new SureTrack Community user account?

Follow the link above for eight easy steps on how to create your SureTrack Community user account.

Why don’t I see the SureTrack Community in the mobile version of ProDemand or ShopKey Pro?

At this time, the SureTrack community is not available in the mobile version of ProDemand or ShopKey Pro. See the next section for instructions on how to access it on a phone or tablet.

What’s the difference between a Shop account and a Community User account?

You can log into ProDemand or ShopKey Pro with either a Shop account or a Community User account (Individual account). The Shop account will have access to change settings and manage users and read content in the SureTrack Community. A Community User account will have access to their profile settings and will be able to manage their content and participate in the Community fully. Both types of accounts will have full access to the data available in the subscription.

Either the shop name or the community username will be displayed on the right side of the product near the top. Clicking the name gives you options available to manage according to the type of user.

What is an Authorization Key and do I need one?

When you buy a new qualifying Snap-on scan tool, your Franchisee will give you an invoice which includes your Authorization Key. Also when you purchase a software update for your qualifying scan tool, the invoice will include the Authorization Key. The Authorization Key is a 12 digit alpha-numeric code that looks similar to: 123456789-US. On the invoice, it will be listed as the SureTrack Serial Number. Enter the key in the “Authorization Key” field in the Community Profile page, or as requested while signing up for a new account.

  • Click here for PDF version of insert included with new VERUS Edge scan tools.
  • Click here for PDF version of insert included with new VERUS PRO and VERDICT scan tools.
  • Click here for PDF version of SureTrack access instructions for MODIS Edge, MODIS Ultra, SOLUS Edge, SOLUS Ultra.

If you get your scan tool software upgrades via the subscription method, your new Authorization Key will be sent to you through the mail and to the e-mail address on file with Snap-on related to your purchase. Note: Authorization Keys are currently only provided with the purchase or upgrade of select Snap-on scan tools.

ProDemand SureTrack Community Authorization Key Help

Do I need a new Authorization Key if I replace my scan tool?

Click here for information on where to find your Authorization Key or how to get a new one.

ProDemand SureTrack Community - Getting a New Authorization Key HelpWhen you get your new Authorization Key from Snap-on for the SureTrack Community you need to apply it in your community user profile to keep your access current.

Current Accounts – If your account is current, log into the community through ProDemand or ShopKey Pro and then click your community name near the top right of the product and then click on Profile Manager. Log in with your Technician credentials and then enter the Authorization Key in the box provided. Review and update the rest of your profile and make sure all required fields are filled out. And then click the “Save” button. Exit the Profile Manager by clicking your username at the top right and then clicking on Logout. You can log back into the Profile Manager to confirm that your expiration date has been updated.

Expired Accounts – If your account expired before you were able to enter your new Authorization Key, click here to log into the Profile Manager directly and then follow the steps above to enter your new Authorization key. Once you’ve updated your profile you will be able to log into the community through ProDemand or ShopKey Pro.

New Accounts – If this is your first time using SureTrack, go through the signup process to create your account and follow the instructions on where to insert your Authorization Key.

Other commonly asked questions about accessing your SureTrack Community

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