Those Old Mitchell Manuals Filled a LOT of Shelves…

Those Old Mitchell Manuals Filled a LOT of Shelves…

Factoid Friday Trivia Game Answer & Winner for September Announced!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a guess in our latest Factoid Friday trivia quiz! The Factoid Friday trivia game uses the iconic pieces of automotive history from the Mitchell 1 Library as the basis for trivia guessing game.

The question for September was, How many feet of linear shelf space did it take to house the complete 1999 Mitchell library of service & repair manuals?”

Guesses ranged from 5 feet to 136 feet. The correct answer was 51 linear feet. We’re happy to announce that with a guess of 40 feet, Steve Kiser of Kiser Automotive in Needham, MA was the closest and has won a $25 Amazon gift card. Congratulations, Steve!

The 1999 Automotive Repair Catalog included a total of 121 books. The image below is a page from the 1999 catalog showing the full set for that year – all the books that filled up those 51 feet of shelf space (click the thumbnail to enlarge).

Also check out the flyer mentioned in the most recent Throwback Thursday blog post about the Mitchell 1’s Library’s showcase in 2011. That post started us reminiscing about the shelf space required to hold the manuals and inspired this Factoid Friday question. 

Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time; we’ll be doing another Factoid Friday next month. In the meantime, visit the ProDemand blog often for helpful hints and valuable information to help you master the software and fix cars more efficiently.

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