These Customers Made Our Day

These Customers Made Our Day!

Mitchell 1 recently had a special visit from some VIPs. Tom and Pam Ivey from Tysons Auto Specialties in Vienna, Virginia stopped in to meet their SocialCRM agent, Shoshana Elias, and take a tour of our headquarters facility in Poway, California. The Iveys have enjoyed the many marketing services of SocialCRM but have especially appreciated the personal touch that Shoshana provides.

We often hear from shop owners that the thing they love the very most about the SocialCRM shop marketing service is their SocialCRM support agent. Owners are so busy running the day-to-day business, they really appreciate having a marketing expert on call to help them with email campaigns, updating their Facebook page, posting customer reviews to their website, etc.

Pam & Tom Ivey

Tom and Pam took their appreciation to the next level by coming 3,000 miles to meet Shoshana in person. Well, they actually had a trip to the west coast scheduled to visit their new grandson, but went out of their way to visit Shoshana and the Mitchell 1 team. During their tour here they were impressed with the racks of servers in Mitchell 1’s state-of-the-art data hosting center and were most surprised by the size of the building. “I didn’t expect the building to be that big,” Tom said.

Tom has owned Tysons Auto Specialties since 1986. The shop is equipped to service all makes and models of cars and has six bays and five employees. Two of their mechanics are certified master technicians with advanced level engine performance certification. A visit to the shop’s website shows how they’ve put their marketing to work to grow their business. Their dynamic site applies many best practices, like posting customer reviews on the home page, online appointment scheduling, and links for customers to write reviews.

Shoshana Elias

“It was so great to meet Tom and Pam in person,” says Shoshana. “I couldn’t believe that they made the effort to come visit. Knowing that you have that special ‘in’ with a customer is a really nice feeling.”

Thanks, Tom and Pam, for including Mitchell 1 in your travel plans and making our day!


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Jill Schafer is the Marketing Communication Manager at Mitchell 1 and has over 20 years of marketing experience with high-technology organizations, including over 10 years in the automotive information industry.