The 2014 Emission Control Application Guide is Here!

The 2014 Emission Control Application Guide is Here!

Why do we need smog checks anyway? Did you know that car and truck emissions cause about 33% of America’s total global warming emissions, including more than one-third of all U.S. carbon dioxide emissions? Cleaner vehicles can help reduce those emissions—and prevent their negative side effects such as global warming, pollution and respiratory problems.

Each year, Mitchell 1 publishes a must-have resource for any shop doing emission testing and/or repair. We’re happy to introduce the 2014 Emission Control Application Guide (ECAT14) for domestic and import cars, light trucks, vans (diesel engines) and Class ‘A’ motor homes with gasoline engines, model years 1966 through 2014.

The book was published Sept. 23 and is hot off the press. Inside you’ll find vehicle-specific emission system information for repair shops that perform smog inspections. The Guide is a great help to any shop that must comply with state emission standards.

Specific content features in the 2014 edition include:

• Emission application tables
• Engine displacement conversion charts
• Emission control visual inspection procedures
• Approximately 40 years of domestic and imported basic ignition timing specifications
• 1980-2013 maintenance reminder light reset procedures
• The Latest EPA emission recall bulletins
• I/M areas that require ignition timing and EGR function testing.
• Quick reference listing for major systems, devices, and components

You’ll also find a standardized emission control abbreviation list for:

• 1966-2014 domestic cars, light trucks, and vans (gasoline engines)
• 1968-2014 imported cars, light trucks, and vans (gasoline engines)
• 1966-2014 medium and heavy duty domestic trucks (gasoline engines)
• Class “A” motor homes (gasoline engines)
• 1984-2014 domestic + import cars, light trucks, and vans (diesel engines)

To order your copy of the 2014 Emission Control Application Guide, call 888-724-6742 or visit

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