• Mitchell 1 Enhances TruckSeries with Quick ABS, Engine, and Transmission Identification

    Truck Identification Tags locationsIntroducing the latest enhancements to TruckSeries, designed to streamline truck diagnosis and repair. With Quick ABS, Engine, and Transmission Identification, this new feature assists technicians in locating and recognizing crucial identification tags. Learn how to utilize this new feature and save valuable time in the shop to ultimately boost revenue and productivity! ➤

  • The 3 Key Elements that Drive Shop Safety

    In a fast-paced and hazardous shop environment, overlooking even the smallest details can have severe consequences. In this blog post, our very own Jack Schell explores three key elements that can help keep you and others safe at the shop.

  • Mind Your Axle to Prepare for the Unexpected

    With today’s trucks, drive axles tend to be ignored because they are largely trouble free. However, axles can experience leaks, among other issues, because sealing surfaces on rotating parts wear over time.  Vents can also get plugged up and cause an oil leak. But a few simple maintenance steps can keep those axles running smoothly.

  • The Power of Recognition Has Gone a Long Way at Mitchell 1

    The TruckSeries team at Mitchell 1 was honored to receive the 2023 North American Technology Innovation Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan, based on research of the medium/heavy truck aftermarket industry. In this blog, our very own Jake Schell describes the powerful impact that recognition has had on employees since the company’s founding over 100 years ago.

  • Quick & Accurate Price Quotes with TruckSeries Estimator

    How long will my truck be out of service?  How much will it cost? Business owners and customers alike want quick, accurate answers to these commonly asked questions, especially in today’s economic market. Mitchell 1 TruckSeries is here to help! With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create accurate repair and cost estimates that address these questions for your customers. Learn how in this short blog.