• A Good Drought?

    A Good Drought? We are currently in a serious drought situation here in California. However, there are circumstances where having no water is actually a good thing — especially if you are diesel fuel and temporarily reside in a closed fuel tank. That’s right, the most common fuel contaminant and biggest enemy to your truck’s […]

  • How Technology Helps Maximize Fleet Technician Productivity

    How Technology Helps Maximize Fleet Technician Productivity Guest Editorial by Mitchell 1’s Scott DeGiorgio featured in Fleet Maintenance Magazine “Maximizing equipment uptime is always a goal for trucking fleets. Trucks make no money for a fleet when equipment is down. In today’s tight-capacity environment, out-of-service hours mean lost revenue.” This is the opening paragraph of […]

  • How to Maximize Tire Life Expectancy

    Who Doesn’t Want to Maximize Tire Life Expectancy? Experienced fleet tire managers work hard to maximize the tread life of fleet vehicle tires. Several tools are available to help them ensure their fleets are getting the most out of their tires. According to the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC), constant 20% under-inflation will reduce tire […]

  • TruckSeries: What You See is What You Get

    TruckSeries is built on a modular platform, allowing you to access multiple applications from a single login. It’s a completely new way of accessing your truck repair information, so we thought it would be helpful to explain what you will see when you log in and how it works.

  • ‘By Default’ May Not Be Most Efficient

    ‘By Default’ May Not Be Most Efficient You may have heard about the recent Apple iOS system upgrade that resulted in lower battery life for an iPhone. I did some research and found an article on ZDNet explaining that this new update contained 34 different settings that could potentially affect daily battery life. So, when […]

  • Stay Safe with TPM Technology

    Stay Safe with TPM Technology Improving safety and reducing costs are goals that every fleet owner always has in mind. Proper tire inflation improves fuel mileage and increases tread and casing life. Keeping tires properly inflated also increases safety for the driver and other motorists sharing the road. According to a study conducted by the […]

  • EGR Cooler Update

    EGR Cooler Update Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel has helped reduce some issues associated with today’s EGR and DPF systems, but some problems like corroded coolers and stuck valves still seem to exist, especially on older vehicles. Diesel engines reintroduce EGR exhaust soot that corrodes valves and coolers due to condensation which also causes them to […]

  • Is Your Internet Browser Ready for TruckSeries?

    Is Your Internet Browser Ready for TruckSeries? Our new TruckSeries platform is off and running! In case you haven’t heard, we’ve packaged all of our industry-leading estimating, diagnostic trouble code and repair information for medium and heavy trucks into a single application. This convenient online solution allows you access all your truck service information on […]

  • Introducing TruckSeries!

    Introducing TruckSeries! Getting Started with Our Latest Enhancement for Class 4-8 Trucks It’s a great day! We’re very excited to introduce TruckSeries to our first group of customers today. TruckSeries really is the next generation of repair information, putting complete service information for Class 4-8 trucks just a few mouse clicks away. The first thing […]

  • Sneak Peek at TruckSeries

    Sneak Peek at TruckSeries — Our New Software Suite for Class 4-8 Trucks Streamlines workflow so service professionals can work more efficiently For more than a year, our commercial vehicle group has been working on an exciting new platform for our software suite for medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Look for an official announcement next week, […]