• Don’t Overlook Those Grounds!

    Ground Point LocationIf you assume the ground connections are correct and in good condition in your truck, you may go down the wrong path. The end result could be unnecessary parts replacement and troubleshooting time, all because a simple ground cable was incorrectly routed and tightened.

  • AEB Invades the Trucking Industry

    AEB System - TruckSeriesAutomatic Emergency Braking Systems (AEB) can automatically apply a vehicle’s brakes to avoid or mitigate a collision. In recognizing the potentially life-saving effects, the auto industry voluntarily incorporated the systems, and it did not take long for the trucking industry to follow suit.

  • All About P-Codes for Trucks

    FaultCode-FeaturedTruck technicians are coming across P-codes more and more, especially in medium-duty vehicles. So what exactly are they, why is the industry moving in that direction, and how can you look them up in Mitchell 1 products? Well, here are the answers!

  • Tips to Prevent Transmission Overheating

    TruckMaintenance_Transmission-EngineCalibration_featured-150wMedium and heavy duty truck transmissions undergo a lot of stress and abuse throughout their lifetime. If heat generation is left unchecked, it can lead to complete failure of the transmission.

  • Maintenance Tips for Fuel Efficiency

    Gas-vs-Diesel_featuredTruck fuel efficiency is no simple matter, with many factors to consider. Some of them are out of our control, but here are tips for some of the factors that we can control.

  • Service Updates – You Bet!

    ServiceUpdatesIt is possible you may be replacing a part that is actually good due to a procedure change or chasing down the wrong component, circuit, etc. Always check the service information for the vehicle procedure you are working on to ensure you have the latest information.