• NEW in Manager SE 8.4: Expanded Quick Menu Canned Jobs Display

    Manager SE users can have full access to their desired Canned Jobs WITHOUT screen clutter or confusion! Simply choose the category from the list, and all of the jobs assigned to that category will fan out in a list on the right to select. Learn all about this new feature here in this blog.

  • Best of the Blogs 2021: Auto Shop Marketing Tips

    Marketing can be tricky. It is an ever-evolving and dynamic practice that can make or possibly break a business. New technologies and methodologies are constantly developing and consumers change with these trends; including the way they interact with marketing communication methods. This past year, our SocialCRM auto shop marketing team has been busy blogging away and sharing their marketing wisdom to help your shop gain and retain more customers and ultimately boost sales. Here is a collection of the SocialCRM team’s blog posts from 2021.

  • ProDemand is Part of Your Team: How Auto Repair Software Can Improve Your Sales?

    Long turnaround times? Stacks of repair orders piling up? Service bays backed up? Spinning your wheels finding the fix for those difficult repairs? Receiving grievances from your technician staff? Stressed? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you can take that long overdue breath as Mitchell 1 is here to help! Learn how in this blog.

  • How to use ProDemand 1Search

    (Updated October 2015) The primary navigation for ProDemand is to use the 1Search module for finding repair information, allowing you to return all the information you need for a job with just one lookup.  This post covers the key points of using 1Search to maximize your efficiency when you navigate ProDemand. From the module list […]

  • Uncover ‘Hidden’ Vehicle Issues with Top 10 Lists

    Uncover ‘Hidden’ Vehicle Issues with Top 10 Lists Have you ever thought that there might be more value to a feature than what is obvious? We think our Top 10 lists just happen to be one of those features that provides extra value to uncover “hidden” vehicle issues beyond the obvious popular lookups. Top 10 […]