• What’s in a Word? The Importance of Context When Communicating in a Shop

    Technicians sometimes form their own unique “languages” to communicate with each other and get the work done efficiently. Yet, the technical language that technicians and manufactures use to communicate often brings confusion through different words being used to describe the same thing. Learn how Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries can help you “translate” and simplify the language needed to quickly and efficiently repair your fleet of trucks here.

  • The Future is Looking Bright: Growing DIFM Market Share

    The Future is Looking Bright for Automotive Repair Services Market Research Shows Increasing Demand Not long ago, the U.S. economy was unsustainable and heading toward hard times. There was serious concern about potential bank failures. Unemployment skyrocketed, the stock market began its plunge toward multi-decade lows, and new automobile sales stopped almost entirely. Fast forward […]