• Get Started in SureTrack with the FAQs

    NOTE: The SureTrack Community FAQs have been updated to go with the newest version of the product. Click here for an updated blog post about the FAQs. SureTrack, an experience-based repair information resource, was designed with an interactive community to connect automotive technicians so they can help each other out of tough repair situations. If […]

  • Your ProDemand Feedback is Important to Us!

    When you’re using our ProDemand™ program you may have noticed a Feedback button stuck to the right side of the screen near the scroll bar. Have you ever clicked on it? While there are several ways to contact Mitchell 1 to provide feedback about our products, there are advantages to clicking the Feedback button. The Feedback […]

  • How To: Linking ProDemand to the Snap-on Verus or Verdict

    If you’re a Snap-on Verus or Verdict scan tool user and have a ProDemand account, you can access your ProDemand program right from the Verus or Verdict interface. It’s easy to set up using the instructions provided below. Power on the scan tool and wait for the Diagnostic Suite to load. From the Diagnostic Suite home page, tap the “Information” […]