• The Art of the Rescore using SureCritic

    This blog post is going to focus on how to contact the reviewer, resolve the issues, and go through the ReScore process with the people who have given you a low score. The goal is to help you maintain a good online reputation and get the consumers to return to your shop in the future.

  • Spring into Action and Get More Out of SocialCRM

    auto repair shop marketing ideas for springMost of the SocialCRM program features are automated, but there are multiple things you can do to supercharge the effectiveness of your shop’s marketing efforts. Here are a few simple ways to get the most value from your SocialCRM service.

  • Control Your Access and Avoid Social Media Crises

    “Shop fires employee; employee takes over shop’s social media account.” Does that scenario sound like that something that could never happen to you? If you’re a shop owner, unfortunately it’s not impossible because these types of situations can happen in every industry, including ours. As auto repair shops establish social profiles and increase their social […]

  • The Hidden Value of Consumer Reviews

    The Hidden Value of Consumer Reviews As the influence of consumer reviews on purchasing decisions continues to grow, there are some less-than-obvious benefits worth your attention. These hidden benefits have great value but are completely free. Now, that’s a good deal. Here are some tips for getting added value out of your consumer reviews: Add […]