• SureTrack Community Fix: Brake Cleaner to the Rescue

    Mitchell 1 SureTrack Real Fix LogoSometimes you need to go back to an old-fashioned method to diagnose a problem and find the cause. SureTrack community member Peirs13 had a GMC Sierra pickup in their shop that ran great but would intermittently go into limp in mode and set a bunch of codes. They did all the normal testing for the situation but still didn’t find the cause. They posed the question to the community, and with the help of fellow community member ericsautomotive, and others, they were able to resolve the issue quickly.

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Smoke Test to the Rescue

    Mitchell 1 SureTrack Real Fix LogoDon’t get distracted by trouble codes indicating a faulty component, proper testing procedures will lead to a successful repair the first time. Follow this Real Fix to see how a technician diagnosed codes P0131, P0171 and P1123 on this Chevrolet Tahoe and found the components that caused the problem.

  • SureTrack Real Fix: Undercover Problem

    Mitchell 1 SureTrack Real Fix LogoWhen you have multiple codes related to several different emissions components, you have to use your diagnostic skills to determine the actual cause. Follow this Real Fix to see how a Chevrolet Cruze with multiple emissions codes was diagnosed and which component caused the problem.