• Quick & Accurate Price Quotes with TruckSeries Estimator

    How long will my truck be out of service?  How much will it cost? Business owners and customers alike want quick, accurate answers to these commonly asked questions, especially in today’s economic market. Mitchell 1 TruckSeries is here to help! With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create accurate repair and cost estimates that address these questions for your customers. Learn how in this short blog.

  • Send an Invoice to Your Customer as a PDF

    Send an Invoice to Your Customer as a PDF Here’s a quick tip for Manager SE users to send an invoice to a customer in PDF format. It’s an easy three-step process: Go to the History screen Open an Invoice from History Select File & Email (at the top left) The software will examine that […]

  • More Business For Your Shop – Instantly!

    More Business For Your Shop – Instantly Here’s a great success story from a customer who called me the other day. John is a shop owner who just two days prior to the call had deployed out the Report Pro module of ProPack for Manager. Report Pro is a tool that allows you to customize your invoices with […]