• Keep Your Cool This Summer: Tips for maintaining the complete cooling system

    As summer warms up, the increased temperatures place greater demands on truck cooling systems. Cooling systems, along with other powertrain systems, continue to grow more complex. While powertrain systems are amazingly robust, the increased complexity means it is more critical than ever to properly maintain these systems to avoid breakdowns and the accompanying downtime and expense. Here are some tips on how Mitchell 1 TruckSeries can help you keep cool this summer.

  • Motor Age Webinar – Cooling System Service & Testing

    Motor Age Webinar – Cooling System Service & Testing This month’s Motor Age/TST technical webinar will focus on the engine’s cooling system and offer many of tips and techniques you can apply immediately to help your customers maintain their vehicles in peak condition.   Topics to be covered include: Testing the coolant’s state of health […]

  • Pumps, Jackets and Heat Exchangers

    Pumps, Jackets and Heat Exchangers The quality of the chemicals used here varies, but the treatment does not. Richard McCuistian/Motor Age — What we do in this business is keep America rolling by maintaining transportation resources, and our job is to repair or to prevent concerns. Without automobile technicians, everything that travels on the world’s […]