• Guided Component Testing Process

    Mike Alberry of Mitchell 1 and Motor Age InterviewThere are multiple ways a technician can approach an auto repair problem, and it varies by the issue. This is why it’s important to create a solid diagnostic process that can be implemented across the board to ensure that problems can be solved in a reasonable amount of time and accurately.

  • Using the SureTrack Tab in ProDemand

    Using the SureTrack Tab in ProDemand As you are using ProDemand, you may have noticed the SureTrack tab that populates after completing a 1Search for your selected vehicle. If you’ve been hesitant to click on the tab, you shouldn’t be – SureTrack offers valuable real-world content to help you diagnose even the most difficult codes and symptoms. SureTrack […]

  • Where to Find ECM Connector Views

    Where to Find ECM (Electronic Control Module) Connector Views In my role as the ProDemand Trainer, I have the chance to talk to many new customers to help them get up and running smoothly with ProDemand. Lately, one of the questions I’ve heard frequently is, “How do I find the connector end views for the ECM in ProDemand?”  To answer […]

  • A Quick Look Inside ProDemand

    A Quick Look Inside ProDemand When you get a new electronic device, do you read the manual first, or just start using it? I know that I, for one, always start using it right way, without reading the manual. In fact, I only read the manual if I get stuck and can’t figure out how […]

  • How SureTrack Helps You

    How SureTrack Helps You SureTrack has many resources available to help you. Shown below is a Real Fix Tip for a 2001 Chevy Tahoe with a P0101 code that has set. Also presented is some helpful information SureTrack has available associated with this Real Fix Tip. This example illustrates some of the ways SureTrack can help you find […]