• Why is a Caterpillar Engine Arrangement Number Critical to Efficiency?

    When researching service and/or parts information for a Caterpillar engine it is very important to include the Arrangement Number(AN) along with the Engine Serial Number (ESN). The AN is a breakdown of the different components used in your specific engine. Items such as piston group, cylinder head group, fuel system group and all other components are described in detail.

  • Tire Inflation Made Easy

    Keeping tires inflated to the proper pressure helps to improve tire life, fuel mileage and vehicle safety. Obviously, on a tractor and trailer there are a good number of tires to check and maintain. It takes time to check and balance the air pressure on 18 or more wheels. Thus, a tire inflation system can truly help the operator and maintenance personnel maintain uniform tire pressures with considerably less effort.

  • When the Sun Comes Out . . . Check the Brakes

    The problems associated with driving through standing or running water have the potential to wreak havoc with any brake system. Read this blog post to learn about how to avoid problems that may be left over from the heavy spring rains this year.

  • Cranking Out More TMC SuperTech 2017 Contenders

    2017 TMC SuperTech Show - Mitchell 1 TruckSeries Truck Repair InformationStill going strong, with only a few competitions left, professional commercial vehicle technicians are still making their way out to their state competitions to battle for a spot in the TMC SuperTech National Technician Skills Competition coming this September. Although we are still busy sponsoring and setting up service information skills stations with our TruckSeries web-based truck repair information software, we would like to take the time to share some photos and recognize a few state station and champion winners who shined recently.

  • Meet Our New Truck Shop Management System

    Introducing Manager SE Truck Edition – a new shop management system to help repair shops that service Class 4-8 trucks keep track of all the moving parts in the shop.

  • Ride Smoother with the Right Suspension

    suspension_featuredAir or spring? Choosing the right suspension requires an understanding of how the trade-offs match up to your application requirements. Here are some things to think about when considering suspension types.