• The 5Ws of TSBs in Auto Repair Information

    Using TSBs on Mitchell 1 ProDemandHow to use the 5Ws for describing the story of TSBs and how they can benefit your shop. Although as professionals you may be fully aware of TSBs, sometimes it is important to go back to the basics and be reminded where to find them and why you should keep them in mind.

  • Five Ways to Use SureTrack Component Test Information

    ProDemand Auto Repair Information Component Test - Night Time TechsIf you’re not already using the SureTrack component test information in the ProDemand auto repair software, you’re missing out on a valuable feature that can really save you a lot of time and effort in your diagnostic process. If you are using this information, you’ve probably already discovered how it leads you to accurate diagnosis. Either way, here are some bonus tips to help you increase efficiency even more.

  • Add Years of Expertise to Your Shop with Real Fixes

    ProDemand - SureTrack Real Fixes The truth is that a long lead time from customer to bay caused by searching a sea of information is detrimental to the bottom line. Fewer cars are able to be serviced. This is when being an expert or having guidance from one pays dividends in saved time and increased productivity. Stop and imagine what it would be like to have access to verified repair information from expert technicians at warp speed. SureTrack® Real Fixes allow you to do that with every car that enters your auto repair shop.