• Resources to Help Your Shop Keep Pace with ADAS

    With every model year, brand new and updated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features are introduced. Mitchell 1 is staying current with the OEM updates to help our customers keep pace with all the changes. Our ProDemand auto repair information delivers all the ADAS-related information in a consolidated table, instantly accessible from an ADAS QuickLink on the home screen of the software. Here are some resources outside of the software that Mitchell 1 has participated in to help your shop handle various aspects of repairing and calibrating ADAS features.

  • It’s Time to Prepare for ADAS

    Just as all vehicles do, when they need service or repair they will be brought into your shop. But even something as simple as replacing a headlight bulb can require complicated calibrations and adjustments due to these new ADAS features. At Mitchell 1 we’ve compiled a collection of great reads and listens that can help explain why integrating ADAS into your shop’s future plans is the way to go.

  • ADAS Is Pulling Into Your Shop

    One of this year’s industry buzzwords is “ADAS” or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. If you aren’t familiar with that term, perhaps you’ve heard of some of the specific features like adaptive cruise control, back up cameras, lane departure warnings and automatic parking, to name just a few.

  • Repair ADAS-equipped vehicles without breaking a sweat

    Assisted Driving Repair Information in ProDemandHave you seen vehicle features like adaptive cruise control, parking assist sensors and blind spot indicators in your auto repair shop? All of these technologies (and many more) fall into the new category of vehicle systems known as ADAS — Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

  • Mitchell 1 Adds to the Buzz About ADAS

    What’s buzz about ADAS? Here you go: Our own Ben Johnson, Director of Product Management for Mitchell 1, wrote an insightful guest column entitled ADAS Is Here to Stay and Shops Need to Be Aware of Systems and Proper Calibrations  in the October issue of Parts and People Magazine.